Arindam Chaudhuri
How about kidnapping bush and trying him for War crimes in iran / venezuela / cuba / china or Better still in russia?
[December, 2007]

What is the expected outcome, when you have a haughty cowboy President, an arrogant administration and a seemingly stooge in the form of a Supreme Court? Well, no prizes for guessing, you get some blindly dictatorial American laws for the globe. In fact, this time, President Bush and his 'Administration' have surpassed all the limits of deforming any civilised society by claiming that they can 'kidnap' any foreigner, if they are wanted for crimes in the United States of America. What more, they have the sanction of their Supreme Court as well. In fact, till now it was assumed that American law permits kidnapping only of terror suspects under 'extraordinary redemption', but recently it was made clear that the US can kidnap 'anyone' who is a criminal in the eyes of America. For that matter, even 'extraordinary redemption' is in itself unlawful. On top of this, kidnapping 'anyone' who is a criminal in the eyes of America, is a crime without doubt, at least in a civilised and working democracy!

The question is, who gives such despotic rights to the U.S.A. or to President Bush? It is a well known fact that there are extradition treaties between nations, which restore the sovereignty of every nation. But it seems that the Bush Administration blatantly refuses to recognise any such treaties and conventions! Blinded by his arrogance, Bush it seems, fails to recognise the law of nations, their constitution, and enforces some illogical laws to suit his own convenience. And even in some insane conditions, if we were to accept such laws, then why shouldn't such rights of 'kidnapping' and 'running trials' on Bush himself be given to Dr Manmohan Singh or a Vladimir Putin or a Hugo Chavez or a Ahmedinejad; or, for that matter, to any other nation, for the arguable crimes that Bush himself has perpetrated on the world! Starting from his engagements in Afghanistan to Iraq and now his 'itch' to repeat the same in Iran, his list of crimes in the eyes of many is never ending. It is he who had been responsible for literally reducing Afghanistan to rubble, killing thousands of innocent civilians through aerial attacks. His crime didn't stop there. His next engagement in Iraq, wherein as per Opinion Research Business, an independent British polling agency, a staggering 1.2 million people have been killed since the onset of the Iraq war, all in the name of restoring peace and democracy. Forget civilian casualties, according to UNICEF, more than 500,000 children in Iraq, under the age of five, have died since the imposition of American sanctions in 1991. Such is the graft mechanism of the Bush Administration that they concocted an entire theory of Saddam Hussain and his 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' to the entire world. And based on such blatant lies, he not only demolished Iraq, 'kidnapped' Saddam Hussein, but killed him too. Such crimes not only cost Afghanistan and Iraq, but nations like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia also had to suffer huge environmental losses on account of blowing up of oil fields (estimates go as high as 11 million barrels of crude oil that were spewed into the Persian Gulf). That apart, Bush did not even spare his own soldiers, who blindly believing in his lies, laid down their lives or ended up with permanent disabilities and mental disorders after fighting in Iraq, for no fault of theirs. By all parameters therefore it may be argued, Bush is a bigger criminal for not just the mayhem that he has caused in Afghanistan and Iraq, but more for the reasons that he quotes for such misadventures that is, Osama and Saddam. Interestingly, both were his nation's creations. As for his 'actual' reasons of the Iraq engagement, well...they are well known to the world! Had Iraq been an apple producing country instead of an oil producing one, no American President would have ever bothered about a country called Iraq!

In fact, President Bush's current dreams just got shattered when intelligence agencies claimed that since 2003, Iran had frozen its nuclear programme - a campaign, which Bush Administration has been vociferously propagating, in order to engage in a war with Iran. But then I'm sure, going by precedence, nothing would deter Bush from bombing Iran, for if there are no nuclear weapons this time, he and his Administration would surely find some other reasons. And would then relentlessly massacre a few million lives more, 'kidnap' Ahmedinejad if necessary, run some fake trials, hang him and communicate to the world that all this was done to restore 'peace' and 'democracy' for the otherwise oppressed Iranians!

As such, his list of crimes against humanity, are unending and on top of this, the recent US law would mean a virtual American coup on the entire world. As then it would give Bush all the rights to kidnap anyone and kill them, with or without reasons. Such dictatorial laws aptly vindicate that President Bush is turning the world into an American empire, wherein every act of his, stinks of disguised fascism. Before anything like this happens, the world should come together and immediately act against this so that he and his cohorts in the White House, who are arguably guilty of domestic crimes, international crimes and crimes against humanity, are stopped immediately.
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