Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri - Passionate About INDIA
Do your nerves tingle with wonder and excitement when you think of the greatest civilization that the world has produced-a wonder that is India? Do you marvel at how beautifully India has absorbed all the major religions of the world, transformed them and made them more powerful and universal? In recent times, have you been outraged, appalled and sickened by how modern day politicians, bureaucrats, criminals, businessmen and contractors have formed an unholy nexus and are systematically looting not just the nation, but also the very soul, the very idea of India? Does your blood boil with anger when you see Indian children die of hunger even as self appointed guardians target people like Taslima Nasreen and M.F. Husain? Do you tremble with rage and frustration when terrorists routinely kill hundreds of innocents while our ministers hide behind walls of security like cowards? If you do and if you are convinced that silence and middle class apathy is no longer the option, please come and join the Passionate About India forum. Our promise, every interaction that we have, and every small effort we make to rescue India from plunder will be done with a lot of passion. A kind of passion that can move mountains... A kind of passion that is truly transformational... And inspirational. Let's be Passionate about India.